The Pertes de la Valserine are for nature and hiking lovers! Just a stone’s throw from the Pays de Gex is the Pertes de la Valserine, a unique spot in the region. Discover the passage that the Valserine has left over time in Bellegarde.” 

Need of a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air? I know the perfect place for you, the Pertes de la Valserine! In the heart of Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, a city that proudly bears its river’s name, lies a hidden natural treasure.

Parking is located below the railway viaduct in rue Louis Dumont. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to lunch in such a beautiful place, so pack a picnic! What do you think? Are you ready? Yes? Then let’s go!

A relaxing setting

 The Pertes de la Valserine

Walking down to the shore and enjoying the beautiful forest and relaxing scenery will take you just a few meters into a unique landscape. 

Explore the Pertes de la Valserine to discover majestic waterfalls, a forest covered with moss even on the trees!

Walk on a large footbridge literally over the banks of the Valserine, and if you look carefully, you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Valserine is the first French river to be awarded the “Rivière Sauvage” label for the quality of its water and its ecosystem.

The power of water

A path leads directly to the numerous gorges that were carved by the passage of the Valserine, as well as its many water-filled pools. Who knows, perhaps a frog will splash around in their tiny pond! 

It is hard to believe that these crevasses can reach more than 30m deep, but isn’t it impressive? Crossing the different bridges, daring look down? 

As you walk, you will see the site of Métral and its old dam. There used to be a lot of industrial activity here in the past. When the weather is good, take a dip in the river! It is a calm and cool pool, perfect for relaxing after a long hike!

Did you know Bellegarde was one of the first electrified cities in France?

Would you be up for another walk? In that case, I recommend you do the Voie du Tram, a small route with a slight slope near the Pertes de la Valserine.

Pertes de la Valserine

Keep taking pictures all day! A beautiful memory is worth keeping.

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