Creative and generous, the craftsmen and producers of Pays de Gex share their trade secrets and their vocations with you…

Push open their doors and discover their know-how, their daily lives and their love of a job well done, which they put at the service of your senses.

The workshops: the soul of savoir-faire

They are the beating heart of this savoir-faire trail. Here, artisans open the doors to their creative worlds, allowing you to delve into the secrets of their trades: glass-blowing, floral workshops, beer-making. Each workshop is an open window on techniques and knowledge. Not only can you watch the artisans at work, but you can also get hands-on in participatory workshops.

Focus on the Anvi glass workshop

Specializing in cane-blown glass techniques, Anne and Vincent open their doors to you and offer themed workshops.

Vincent demonstrating his savoir-faire at a glass flower workshop.

Pom’Violette flower café

Give free rein to your creativity at flower workshops organized and led by Pauline…

Bière yourself

Learn how to brew your own beer with Maxime, during a fun workshop in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tours: a plunge into history

The “chemin des savoir-faire” also includes tours that allow you to discover in greater detail the work of local craftsmen, farmers and producers, as well as emblematic sites in the Pays de Gex. Indeed, traditional farms, local museums and natural sites provide the perfect backdrop for understanding the wealth of local history.

Focus on AT-Skis

Discover the manufacture of wooden skis made in Pays de Gex, in an eco-responsible approach using local lumber and French and European materials.

Arnaud explaining his savoir-faire at a workshop.

GAEC du Ban du Char

In the heart of the Valserine Valley, the bells of Montbéliarde cows ring out. Discover how cheese is made and other farm trades… And then… Taste!

Fromagerie de l’Abbaye

The last cheese dairy to produce Bleu de Gex, the Abbey Cheese Factory has a gallery where you can discover and learn about the different processing workshops. This tour is for early risers only.

Domaine de Mucelle

Come and taste our range of organic wines: Chasselas, Altesse, Gamay, Pinot noir, Pinot gris, rosé…

Chèvrerie de Noirecombe

Passionate farmers, Angélique and Johann invite you into the heart of their goat farm for a moment of simplicity and exchange.

Savonnerie Ferrone

Nestled in the Valserine valley, this workshop offers a sensory experience based on cold-saponified artisan soap made with organic ingredients.

Maison bijouterie Trabbia Vuillermoz

Learn about the origins of the lapidary trade, with an exhibition of rough and cut stones from around the world and a selection of period tools used by stonecutters in the Haut-Jura.

QG – Quartier Gessien

This craft and organic beer factory offers on-site tastings, as well as concerts, one-man shows, exhibitions…

Kaly Flore

To create her recipes, Jessica uses milk from her goats, honey from her bees, sap from her birch trees and aromatic plants from her garden… She will share with you her world and the process of making her soaps…

Shops: a taste of authenticity

Le chemin des savoir-faire is a network of open-minded professionals ready to share their authentic, local products with you.
Cheese dairies, beekeepers, farms and craft breweries offer a multitude of products straight from their workshops. Whether it’s a mature cheese, a local beer or a handcrafted object, you’ll leave with a piece of Pays de Gex.

Zoom on the aquaponics farm

Aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, is an agricultural practice that produces quality food using natural means.

the aquaponics farm

Le Jardin des Reines

Alison has been a beekeeper for 4 years, and is passionate about her work, driven by an unwavering commitment to quality and respect for the environment. She offers natural, unprocessed products, all organically produced.

Au bon saucisson

A family-run butcher’s, delicatessen and caterer for three generations. Here, everything is homemade!

Mamouchka Créations

Discover the cozy, colorful world of Mamouchka Créations. Trained as a seamstress and childcare professional, Nathalie decided to put her creativity to work making items for children and mothers.

Taking the Pays de Gex savoir-faire trail is a journey to the heart of tradition and craftsmanship. It’s also a unique opportunity to discover sometimes-forgotten trades, meet passionate craftsmen and producers, and leave with unforgettable memories.

This trail is an ode to the diversity and cultural richness of Pays de Gex, where every visit is a new page in history.