Sometimes, to get the best view, all you have to do is get up high, take a few steps and open your eyes. A grandiose panorama awaits you. In the Pays de Gex and its Monts Jura resort, the landscapes change with the seasons to offer you some truly unique moments to remember. Selection was not easy. However, we are sharing with you 6 of our most beautiful viewpoints that should not be missed!

Are you ready to be amazed?

1. The belvedere of Turet

The Turet hike starts from the Col de la Faucille and is fairly easy. This 1h30 round trip will take you through forests and clearings and finish with an incredible panorama: the Mont Blanc. Yes indeed! But fair warning, the weather can be clear for your hike, but overcast over the Lake Geneva region! It’s up to you to choose the right day to admire it! 😍

2. The Chapelle of Riantmont

The Chapelle de Riantmont is in Vesancy and is one of the most typical villages of the Pays de Gex. This lovely little village has preserved its history through buildings such as the Riantmont chapel. A true witness to the local religious heritage, it offers a magnificent view of the Lake Geneva basin and the Alps. 

An easy route from Gex will take you to the heights of this village.

We really like the little bench where you can rest after the hike and take the ultimate photo.

Look at the Lady of Riantmont, who overlooks the chapel and is the protector of the Pays de Gex and its visitors.

3. Le Truchet

Although there is no Mont Blanc at this viewpoint, the panorama is just as breathtaking! You can enjoy the entire Valserine valley, including the village of Lélex, as well as the high Jura Mountain range from the Truchet belvedere. 

This trail, with its balcony over the high Jura chain, is accessible to all hikers. Note to experienced hikers 😉

We suggest to do this hike in the afternoon in order to enjoy a better light on the valley from the belvedere, and avoid backlighting.

4. Mont Mourex

A pleasant hike will take you around the Mont Mourex. This itinerary, which is mostly in the forest, will take you to the top of the mountain, where you will have a beautiful view of the neighbouring Jura, Lake Geneva and the high peaks of the Chablais massif. A nice reward for an ideal hike for the whole family!

Mont Mourex has a mysterious side. Indeed, at the summit, a circle of stones 145 m in circumference and 47 m in diameter can be seen on the ground. It is said that the site was once a place dedicated to the worship of the sun. The monolith in the centre was recently brought back.

5. Belvedere of Léaz

In the south of the Pays de Gex, discover a surprising viewpoint on the Rhone gorge: the Fort l’Ecluse, a masterpiece of military architecture built into the rock.

With easy access from the village of Léaz, this viewpoint is made up of the ruins of a surrounding wall and a quadrangular tower. These are the remains of the old village of Léaz.

The Sainte Victoire sculpture is a great place to take some very pretty, Instagrammable photos! 😍

6. The Pailly car park

The Pailly car park will be ideal for the less courageous 😉! It is on the road leading to the Col de la Faucille, in a bend on your left. It will allow you to contemplate the Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva, the Pays de Gex and Geneva. So, you don’t need to drive 10 kilometres to get a good view!

The orientation table will tell you a little more about the geography of our destination! 

Which view will you get to see first?

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