Discover the Pays de Gex from another angle! Try the unique walks proposed by our partners: in a horse-drawn carriage, with a donkey, or in a dogsled !

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Perched night


Perched among the trees of the GAIA forest, you'll enjoy an unusual night of uniK' sound. Suspended in the air,...

06 83 99 63 45, 07 83 84 49 81


Promenades avec âne de bât


From the Ferme équi'table des Monts Jura, escorted by our sporty pack donkey "Ali". Being very gentle, Ali loves children...

06 12 54 58 53


Loisirs Gessiens


No need to leave your house. It is the escape game and the aperitif that invite you.

04 65 84 67 37