All aboard for a great adventure! We are off for three days on the roof of the Jura, between Mijoux and Confort, and to savour every moment.

Contemplation is about suspending time with beauty. 

Getting prepared for the expedition

  • Safety is the priority: weather forecasting, knowing your route: maps and regulations in force in the nature reserve areas.
  • Where to sleep and under what conditions. Food and how to cook it? Indeed, you need to think about the menu, a small stove and a small bowl will be useful!
  • Equipment: appropriate clothing, hiking boots, walking sticks, sunglasses, cap, headlamp…
  • Water: check or restock your supplies and consider water purification tablets.

Indeed, you need to carry a good backpack which can carry up to 10 kilos, depending on your needs. But we guarantee you, it will be worth it!

Day 1 – The ascent

Distance: 13 km
Difference in altitude: 1083 D+ / 627 D- 
Itinerary: start out in Mijoux and its charming frescoes. Follow the red and white markings of the GR 9 which climbs towards the Col de la Faucille. Turn right at the summer toboggan tracks. Follow Grand Mont Rond, then Colomby de Gex. Go down to the Col de Crozet and the Catheline cable car. Arrival at the refuge de la Loge.
Night: refuge de la Loge (overnight booking is required).

For the latest information, come and visit us at the Tourist Office in Mijoux.

The weather is perfect for this first day. The departure from Mijoux is idyllic. The frescoes and the art trail get us going!

The view from the top of the Grand Mont Rond is breath-taking, we enjoy the amazing panorama. The cattle and the sounds of the clarines put us in the Jura atmosphere. A pleasant programme!

Day 2 – Above the world

Distance: 10.9 km
Difference in altitude: 624 D+ / 638 D- 
Itinerary: from the refuge de la Loge, head for “sous le crêt ” for a good hour and a half to reach the highest point of the Jura massif: the Crêt de la Neige 1720m. This great aerial path then leads to the summit of Le Reculet (1719m) and on to various ridges. A variant exists for the more adventurous (and if the weather permits). There is a path leading to the Marie du Jura cave. Then, it goes into the woods and reaches the Refuge du Gralet.
Night: Gralet refuge (overnight booking is required).

This is the most breath-taking day! The view of the Mont Blanc right in front of us is sensational.

The highest peaks of the massif is our objective. Unique in the Jura, the passage between the Crêt de la Neige and the Reculet is incredibly charming. In my opinion, the descent to the Chalet du Gralet is the most beautiful part of the walk, as the scenery on the steep ridge gives us the feeling of being above everything and everyone else!

The Gralet is on the edge of the forest, and the small climb on the ridge above it should be done at sunset and sunrise to fully enjoy the place!

Day 3 – the descent

Distance: 14,3 km
Difference in altitude: 320 D+ / 1198 D- 
Itinerary: from the refuge, head towards La Poutouille. First part of the day is through the woods. Follow the Gr9 itinerary until the 6th kilometre. From here, go down to Menthières (several paths are possible.) At this point, walk 2 km on the road (pass to the right of the ski lifts) to “Sous les Moraines”. Follow the direction of Confort, a small path on the Charmy ridge goes down to the village of Confort.
Transport: To go back to Mijoux or to take the train to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine: Take the bus line 153.

On this last day in the paradise, we enjoy the birds singing and the contemplation of the multicoloured landscapes that nature offers us.

The various species of trees on this part of the trail reconnect us with the essential: nature, enough to return with an extra dose of energy!

Descent to Menthières offers us a beautiful view of the Valserine valley and the Crêt de Chalam, just in front of us. An idea for a future hike?

Comfort in the village of Confort will be well deserved! Memories of this fabulous adventure will be well ingrained!

Now it’s your turn to try!