Divonne-les-Bains, named after the Celtic goddess Divona, is located at the edge of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park. The quality of its waters and its environment predisposed it to become a spa resort focused on relaxation and fitness.

The natural environment surrounding Divonne-les-Bains is spectacular. Divonne’s lake is an ideal location for leisure activities. As the entry point to Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park, “Divonne-les-Bains” serves as a welcoming point for visitors.


In the 1st century A.D., the Romans captured the Divonne springs and brought them to Noviodunum (now Nyon), the capital of their colony, to supply the thermal baths. The Hydrotherapy Institute was established by Doctor Paul Vidart in 1849 in Divonne and became a spa town. A luxurious spa town of the Belle Epoque, Divonne-les-Bains lived at the same pace as its name.  

In the commune of Divonne-les-Bains, there are over 30 springs that spring from the ground. “Divonne along the water” is a tour of the springs near the city center with anecdotes and local legends and is presented by the Tourist Office.  

Divonne-les-Bains has a unique location: it is near Lake Geneva, just a few minutes from Geneva, one of the most important cultural centers of Europe. At the foot of the Haute Chaîne du Jura, one finds magnificent viewpoints that overlook the eternal snow of Mont Blanc.

A wide range of excursions in France and Switzerland can be enjoyed from this privileged location. By hiking in the middle mountains, you will enjoy unforgettable excursions to world-famous sites. A half-hour drive brings you to Divonne-les-Bains (in winter, a ski bus runs on weekends and school holidays). It is the largest resort in the French-Swiss Jura region. Divonne-les-Bains is part of “Léman sans frontière”, a tourist network grouping 39 French and Swiss sites, which has earned it the title of “city carrier of an INTERREG 4 project”.

As the gateway to Switzerland and the Haut Jura Regional Nature Park, it deserves the title of “gateway city”!

The 45-hectare artificial lake is complemented by a beach, swimming pool, nautical club, miniature golf course, forest acrobatic course, racetrack (horse races in summer), bowling alley, educational paths, and picnic areas..

60% of the commune is contained within the Nature Reserve of Haute Chaîne du Jura. The vast forest of Divonne protects its fauna and flora, ensuring its long-term survival. There are six hiking trails starting from Divonne of varying levels and they have been marked out by the Community of Communes of the Pays de Gex. One of them joins the Grande Traversée du Jura.

Since 1954, Divonne-les-Bains is proud of a prestigious chamber music festival.
Since 2005, Divonne-les-Bains is equipped with an auditorium, the Esplanade du Lac.

To visit absolutely near Divonne
In Switzerland : castle of Coppet, Geneva, Nyon, cruises on the lake of Geneva
In France (in summer): Voltaire castle, Fort l’Ecluse.

To visit near Divonne-les-Bains
In Switzerland : castle of Coppet, Geneva, Nyon, cruises on the lake of Geneva
In France (in summer): Voltaire castle, Fort l’Ecluse.

Good Plans

The Tourist Office of Divonne-les-Bains organizes stays :

  • Zen attitude
  • Gliding and relaxation
  • Family getaway
  • Gourmet Penguin Stay
  • Dare to play golf
  • … etc.