It is a well-known inhabitant of the Pays de Gex. His name is Rupicapra rupicapra. Have you guessed who is hiding behind this name? It is the chamois. If you would like to see one, there is a special place where you can do so: Branveau !

This natural circus is the favorite playground of our friends. But what is a circus (not the one with clowns)?


It is a natural enclosure of circular or semi-circular shape made of steep walls. Crossing it is therefore a challenge… but here is their secret: their hooves!
The chamois has hooves made of two lateral toes. A horny part, the hooves, separated from each other, are adjustable. It is thanks to this that they can adhere to rocks with tiny grips. Their rubbery heel allows them to adhere even more efficiently to smooth walls.

So, it is not rare to see them having fun at the Branveau pass! But be careful, the observation will need to be done from a distance and will not always be easy. You will need a pair of binoculars because there is a certain distance between the hiking trail and the cirque, and the coat of our friend does not allow to unmask him easily. Ready to take up the challenge?

It is also the occasion to admire the view on the Pays de Gex, the Alps with its indisputable Mont Blanc!

This site is located in the National Nature Reserve of the Haute Chaîne du Jura. We thank you for respecting the regulations in force, for staying on the marked trails and for respecting the tranquility of the wildlife.