The Pays de Gex is full of treasures such as its landscape, its gastronomy, its panoramas, its historical sites and its magnificent hikes which offer us sublime experiences.

Today I will share with you some of my favorites from the Lake Geneva region and the Haut-Jura!

Let’s head out for a moment of relaxation in the center of Geneva… towards Le Bain-Bleu!

Imagine yourself a little tired and stressed… Want to spend your day in a relaxing and rejuvenating place? I have the perfect place for you. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in an atmosphere worthy of the Arabian Nights.

Once you’ve donned your swimsuit, enter the first room with its soft, enveloping light and its Alibaba cave-like decor. One foot already in the bubbling water, the water jets are placed at strategic heights for a full body massage. Massage beds take you on a non-stop aquatic journey to relaxation.

After a moment of unwinding those little body tensions, go upstairs. And there, a hot stone room where a mandala on the ceiling offers you a full meditation experience.

Continue your eye-opening journey… In front of you the Geneva sun, the outdoor baths facing Lake Geneva and one of your favorite cocktails! You can enjoy it in one of the private mini jacuzzis in the middle of the baths. And relax alone or with others between the bubbles, the steam and the magnificent view of Geneva. On your way back inside, put your feet to the massaging water jet on the floor for a reflexology treatment.

After this break, it’s time to give way to your inner Scheherazade!

A steam room in 5 stages… the first with a slightly higher temperature to get used to.

After a scrub with black soap, dive into a bath to rinse off all impurities. Then, finish the detoxifying journey in a hammam at a higher temperature to eliminate all toxins. This will purify your skin with the warm steam and natural aromatic herbs.
To finish, pretend to be Jasmine by enjoying a real oriental tea on one of these beautiful sofas.

You are ready for a week of vacation in our beautiful Pays de Gex!

What if we went for an adventure on the Jura side now?

Pass the Monts Jura and then a short road trip of one hour, you will arrive at the Hedgehog Waterfalls, a hike accessible to all with loops of varying lengths and numerous waterfalls along the way.

With family, friends, or lovers, come and discover the nature of the Jura… A moment suspended in time.

Wrap up by discovering the little treasures of the nearby boissellerie and take home some souvenirs. To prepare a good local dinner, you will find just next door a grocery store with delicious artisanal products.

Once this active day is over, treat yourself to a picnic in the heart of the Pays de Gex at Mont Mourex with a 360 degree view on the chapel of Vesancy, the Jura Mountains, the Pays de Gex and the whole Lake Geneva region. The Alps and the Mont-Blanc will be in the background as guardians of the setting.

If you have a little time left, make a detour to the vineyards of Lavaux near Lausanne and discover the history of a vineyard listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Stop for tea at the Deck bar for an incredible view of the vineyards, the town of Montreux, between lake and mountain.

Finally, go deep into the Jura to the Tufs waterfall and the surrounding fruit orchards! The Comté is within reach for cheese aficionados.

Words are not enough to make you experience these moments, so I will let you discover what the Pays de Gex and its surroundings have to offer. A million adventures are waiting for you here, let yourself be tempted!