Who has never asked themselves the following questions: “What is this antenna for? “Why is it located on the Petit Montrond? “Questions that will not remain unanswered thanks to the research conducted by Anne-Marie.

The landmark of La Faucille!

L'antenne du Petit Mont Rond en été avec parapente

The TNT transmitter (or antenna) is located at the top of the Montrond alpine ski slopes at 1532 meters altitude. It is also a geographical landmark since it is the top of the slopes of La Faucille.

It is visible from the Lemanic plain as well as from the Jura. It’s normal, it is 79 meters high 😉 !

Built between 1961-1962, the transmitter relay is located in the commune of Mijoux. It was operated from 1962, at the beginning of its function with a low power, then in 1963 at higher power. 
It is also the main transmitter of the whole department of Ain (about twenty local transmitters in the department complete the network). The relay of Montrond was originally equipment of the ORTF (Office de Radio Télévision Française); which became in 1975 TDF (Télédiffusion De France).

At the top of the Montrond, next to the antenna, is the panoramic restaurant and the upper terminal of the “Télécombi”.

A witness to the past

For a long time, its operation required a 24-hour human presence. It was only in 1981 that the operation was reduced to daytime hours before being entirely remote-controlled.

Jacques Duthion, a former employee, retired from TDF who worked at the transmitter relay for many years, tells us some anecdotes.

“We spent some very difficult times, in winter, to access our workstation in Montrond.  I remember many times when the cabins at La Faucille were closed (either because the resort was not yet open or because the weather conditions forced the gondola to close.

The very heavy snowfalls had completely blocked the access. You had to go up with a ” snowcat ” type vehicle, it was an old army tank!

Often, we couldn’t even find the road anymore because of the snow!  It was a real adventure!  Even the returns were difficult! “

Now, how to imagine Montrond without the antenna, so much it is part of our so beautiful landscape! 

We are attached to this symbol which is part of our landscape and will continue to admire it as much as ever!