“Accueil Vélo” is a national brand, set up under the aegis of France Vélo Tourisme. Along the cycle routes, cyclists are guaranteed quality welcome and services.  

 Accueil Vélo welcome certification can be for an accommodation, a bike rental company, a bike repair shop, a restaurant, a tourist office, or a tourist attraction.  

Accueil Vélo welcome certification is a quality guarantee for the cyclist of an establishment:

Accueil Vélo welcome certification
  • Located less than 5 km from a bicycle route
  • With facilities adapted to cyclists: secure bicycle shelter, repair kit
  • With a warm welcome (practical information, advice, itineraries, weather etc.)
  • Which provides services dedicated to travelers by bike: luggage transfer, laundry and drying, bike rental and washing

Pays de Gex-Monts Jura is located near 3 major cycling routes: the ViaRhôna (from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean), the Grande Traversée du Jura à VTT (from Mandeure to Culoz) and the Grande Traversée du Jura à vélo (from Montbéliard to Culoz). Within the framework of the certification, the cycling routes included in the regional and departmental programs are also taken into account.

Anne-Marie and Stéphanie have been Accueil Vélo welcome certification quality referees for the territory since May 2021, following a training course with Aintourisme and other colleagues from tourism offices throughout the county.  

Accueil Vélo welcome certification
Welcome Bicycle training

Behind the scenes of the labeling process

In order to qualify for the Accueil Vélo welcome certification, the establishment must meet a number of criteria. Each must be verified by a quality referee with photos during an inspection visit! After meeting the criteria of Accueil Vélo’s quality guidelines, the professional is granted a three-year permission to use the brand, renewable upon re-inspection.  

How much does it cost?

The establishment pays a fee of 200 € for the certification process of the Accueil Vélo brand and it is valid for the 3 years.

In order to obtain more information about the Accueil Vélo label, please contact the relevant quality referees:  Anne-Marie (abarbe@paysdegex-tourisme.com) and Stéphanie (s.thomas@paysdegex-tourisme.com)