This is not a ride in a DeLoreane with Marty McFly. But a visit to a unique site: Dinoplagne, in the footsteps of the dinosaurs… and to get there you’ll need a route!

We invite you in Terre Valserine, a stone’s throw from our beloved Pays de Gex. So, head to the little village of Plagne to see things in a big way!

Just opened this summer 2021, the Dinoplagne paleontological site reveals the tracks left by a dinosaur, a sauropod (you know indeed what we are talking about here).

Scientists and enthusiasts have worked hard to bring to light the footprints discovered and to expand our knowledge of these mythical beings that are the dinosaurs! For this trail, a record for the number of tracks revealed, tells us much more than we could ever imagine.

We who have always learned about dinosaurs from books, this time it is up to us to follow the trail left before our eyes to realize the impressive reality.

Let’s go! After buying your tickets online and for more thrills, choose the virtual reality option, what an experience! Don’t forget to download the Dinoplagne app to unravel the mysteries of life in the Jurassic period. Booking only open until 29 August.

Equipped with trainers and water bottles, it’s time to set off on an adventure along nature trails to reach the famous dinosaur footprints!

Did you know? In the dinosaur’s era, Plagne was like the Bahamas. We won’t tell you more!

On the way back, have a cool picnic in front of the magical Marmites de Géant in Saint-Germain de Joux, where the river La Semine bubbles.

The wheel and kettle path and the old heritage can be admired during a short 40-minute walk.