I’m going to tell you the story of a very busy day! Come on and follow me!

It’s Friday evening, the week is finally over. I am so looking forward to the weekend! But here’s the problem: I have absolutely nothing planned… If I check my wish-list: I don’t want to lock myself up indoors because the weekend is going to be magnificent. Swimming might be nice, but the beaches are bound to be crowded! A bit challenging! Let’s think about it! An idea comes to me! Fresh air, I need fresh air and the mountains! What if I went to the Col de la Faucille in the Pays de Gex and its Monts Jura resort?

I grabbed my phone, and them text messages and proposed a “nature day” to my group of friends! A few minutes later, they all answer that they want to come as well!!

Let’s get organised. Feels like a great day ahead!

10am the next day, we are on the car park of the Col de la Faucille! At that time of day, the genuine hikers are already on the trails. But the Col is already slowly starting to come alive as the activities begin. All impatient, we don’t know where to start! But don’t panic, the Tourist Office truck is right in front of us. How lucky we are, it is a perfect occasion to get some information!

Jennifer welcomes us with a big smile and a lot of nice ideas. I have a feeling that we won’t be bored today!

Installation du camion mobile de l'Office de Tourisme au Col de la Faucille

Tip:  if you stop for a snack in this restaurant, get the blueberry tart. It is a real treat! You won’t be disappointed!

Nous quittons donc Jennifer et décidons de faire une halte à la Petite Chaumière pour boire un café en terrasse. Il nous faut de l’énergie pour attaquer cette journée ! 

Conseil : si vous faites un arrêt goûter dans ce restaurant, prenez la tarte aux myrtilles. Tout simplement un régal ! Vous ne serez pas déçus ! 

Then, let’s go to the lift ticket office to buy our pedestrian ticket to take the gondolas. The plan? Walk up to the Petit Mont Rond and then take the gondola back down. Admire the view and of course take pictures of the famous Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. All you have to do is post your photo on social networks, Instagram for example with the #montsjura! There’s no harm in showing off a little 😉

Before conquering the Mont Rond, we decide to take a ride on the Tyrolean zipline. As far as we can tell, it is the steepest in Europe, no less! We are intrigued! We’ll just have a look and indeed it is quite… dizzying! The boys of the group are tempted but for the descent it is better to book in advance through the website of the Pays de Gex Tourist Office. Indeed, the time slots go quickly and unfortunately today, it is already full! Too bad it will be for another time, that’s for sure!

Contemplation de la vue depuis le Petit Mont Rond

Back on the trail, we take the road to our hiking route. We walk quietly and enjoy the moment. It takes 45 minutes to reach the summit. We are not great hikers but it’ s very easy! We finally reach the top. The view is just as we imagined it would be: magnificent! We stay a few moments to admire the landscape and then, as you may have guessed, we pull out our phones to capture the moment! Then, with some motivation that won’t last, we decide to continue a bit on the ridges and decide to turn back to take the gondolas as we are getting a bit hungry!

The lift up was fast and pleasant. It’s a great alternative to enjoy the view without effort!

Remark: the signposting at the Col de la Faucille is well-indicated. You won’t get lost. So have no second thoughts and get your hiking shoes on!

Once back at the Col, we head straight to the Petit Enka, a quick meal restaurant offering sandwiches and crêpes that our favourite holiday advisor had recommended to us! Very convenient as we don’t want to waste time eating, two activities await us! After a savory pancake and a sweet one because the mountains make you hungry, here we go again for …. sledging on rails!

Info : tickets can also be purchased at the cable car ticket booths!

Arrivée de la luge sur rails au Col de la faucille

With my girlfriends, we decide to do it in pairs while the boys go solo for the descent! After some laughs and a few shouts because we are a bit chicken, we take pleasure to go down the slope! At the bottom, we want more! So we go for a second run! And yes, we wanted to go back for me!

A little tip: buy the 5 sleds option for €32 if you are with several people. This will save you 8 €!

Good deal: you can buy the activity pass which allows you to combine the gondola ride, with or without a bike, and the sledging on rails for 29 €!

No sooner had we recovered from our emotions than we decided to do something unusual for us: the all-terrain electric scooter! Pablo welcomes us and gives us an overview of what to expect! We put on our backpack containing the battery and a helmet! Protection above all! Then it’s off to discover the landscape in a different way.

Randonnée en trottinette électrique au Col de La Faucille

It takes a little time to adapt if you don’t have balance, like me, but the feeling of freedom quickly overcomes the apprehension! And you feel free as a bird!

Sometime later, we come back from our little tour. It is already 6pm! Time has flown by at one of these speeds!

We give the equipment back to Pablo, time to go home. We head for our cars. On the road, our friends are laughing and reliving the events of this magical day. I’m sure that tonight on their Instagram account I’ll see a nice souvenir photo of this day. Ultimate proof 2.0 that they had a great day. Mission accomplished!

It is now time to say goodbye. But before I do, I would like to give you one last piece of advice: go explore the Col de la Faucille without hesitation. This family resort is world class destination to be enjoyed by all.

Here, you can have fun, laugh and be amazed while feeling at home!