The history of our beautiful Croix du Reculet or Petit Mont Rond is well known to many of you. But what do you know about the history of Colomby de Gex? Here’s Anne-Marie’s story from the archives, for the curious among you!

Where is the Colomby de Gex?

The Colomby de Gex is a metallic pylon located on the high chain of the Jura, at 1689 meters, to the left of Creux de l’Envers, in the alpine pasture of Branveau. The structure measures about 10 meters high and 2 meters wide. The Colomby is the 4th highest summit of the Jura massif. 

A 360° panorama can be seen from the summit of Colomby, taking in the entire Lemanic plain, the Alps, the Jura plateau, and the crests. Winds often blow on this summit, “a wind that decorates the oxen” as is said colloquially. 😊

The Colomby de Gex

What is the purpose of this structure on our ridges and when was it put there?

Initially built in Paris, the Colomby de Gex structure was then transported and erected in Paris in 190; an intitative by the Mutuelle des enfants de l’Ain. 

The role of the Mutual Society was to safeguard public health in order to fight against poverty, alcoholism, infant mortality, tuberculosis, and rural exodus. The role of the organization changed after the First World War. It was the Mutuality’s responsibility to provide financial support to disabled veterans and families in need. At the time, receiving the Mutuality was a real honor and an opportunity for the whole town to celebrate. This monument was erected in honor of this organization.

On September 1st, 1907, the Colomby de Gex pylon was inaugurated. Many well know persons shared a great country meal at the Cabaret chalet. 

The inauguration of the pylon of Colomby was commemorated with a medal. It truly was a memorable event 😉


On the eastern slope of the pylon, a stele honors Fernand Fluckiger, a Swiss aviator who died on June 2nd, 1932. 

Today, the dome and the weather vane at the top have disappeared. But the pylon remains recognizable from afar and is a landmark for hikers. Feel free to share with us on our social media networks, your most beautiful photos of hiking with the #montsjura 📸🥰

We look forward to seeing you on the Colomby de Gex and suggest you make sure you dress appropriately for your hiking adventure! 😉

Source & special thanks:  Facebook group: ” Patrimoine et Histoire du Pays de Gex ” and Mr Gaétan Noblet de Romery.