Do you know one of the best kept secrets of our region? It has something to do with a famous violin, one of the largest forests in Europe and centuries-old trees… Did you figure it out?

Okay, let me explain! The largest forest in Europe is right next door to us!
With its 2,200 hectares, the Risoux runs along the entire Vallée de Joux to the west, for about 15 km. It forms a natural border between France and Switzerland. Its surface area and its geographical location make this forest a place full of history but also of myths and legends.

Foret Canopée de risoud
Foret Canopée de risoud

During the Second World War, the Risoux forest was a Mecca for the Resistance. A lot of information was shared between France and Switzerland, which helped the United Kingdom in particular.

But this forest is most famous for the trees it shelters. Indeed, it is mainly populated by multi-centenary spruces sought after by violin makers all over the world!
Only one tree out of ten thousand meets the necessary criteria to be used as resonance wood, notably for the manufacture of the famous Stradivarius! Amazing, isn’t it?

Today, this forest allows visitors to the region to go for a walk and discover the flora and fauna. But it also allows you to practise some sporting activities such as mountain biking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in winter.