I’m going to tell you the story of the National Nature Reserve of the Haute Chaîne du Jura.
It’s about a bunch of great friends who all live in the great mountain of the Haut-Jura.

Let me introduce you to them:

  • The Elaphe Deer 
    He likes to live at night. He is big, strong and has big antlers and he can play music, the oboe to put the forest to sleep and any intruders who want to enter at night.
  • Grouse the wood grouse 
    Discreet and cautious, she looks after the animals with her knowledge of the plants, berries and seeds she collects. She likes to eat a lot.
  • The Great Sage Grouse
    It has the gift of calming people by going from one cock to another without offending anyone. This is rare for animals like him! He is the great sage of the neighborhood!
  • Vigil the Lynx
    Besides the fact that he gets up at dawn, he has a superb view and nothing escapes him. He is the watchman of the forest.
  • The Loyal Eagle 
    A powerful predator, he has great strength. Everyone relies on his strength to keep the peace and solve big problems. He hates injustice. He has never been dethroned.
  • The Chamois King 
    Our hero whose actions are full of twists and turns. He is very good at climbing and getting anywhere. He is the messenger of the group!
  • The bat 
    Our hero with amazing powers. He can stun intruders by flying around quickly and emitting ultrasound.

After years of humans coming to the mountains with their dogs for family outings, the Great Grouse was getting very worried. Indeed, Vigil the Lynx had reported some disturbing disappearances. People were coming to the forest more and more often and he had no news from his friends.

The Chamois King had climbed the mountain to have fun, but had been injured while trying to escape from the humans who were following him like paparazzi to take pictures of him and his children.

The Elaphe Deer had told the Great Sage Grouse that he could no longer play music at night to put the mountain to sleep. Indeed, the humans came late and played their own music, preventing all the animals from sleeping peacefully with the sound of the Elaphe Deer‘s oboe.

As for the bat, it had tried to use its amazing powers. It had used its ultrasound to keep the humans away, but they didn’t hear anything and kept coming!

It was then that the Loyal Eagle, on the advice of the Great Sage Grouse, wrote a letter to the superheroes of the nature reserve asking them to come to their aid.

Réserve naturelle

The nature reserve came to the aid of all the worried animals in the forest.

Thanks to their great expertise, they were able to watch the animals day and night so that they could rest peacefully.

They forbade the people coming for a hike to pick too many berries and plants. Then Griotte the Grouse could start preparing meals for the whole village.

These superheroes imposed fines on the families who brought their dogs into the forest because they were forbidden to come there. Then the animals of the forest could find their serenity.
The humans now had to respect the rules established by the superheroes of the nature reserve.

The king Chamois could go back to climbing and walking around as he wanted without being frightened.

Vigil the Lynx saw his fellow guards return, he was no longer alone in protecting the mountain.

The Loyal Eagle was delighted that justice and the protection of the forest had been restored and was able to fly high in the sky again peacefully.

Moral of this little story: let’s protect the animals, the plants and the wild berries of our so beautiful mountain of the Haut-Jura. Thanks to the super heroes of the nature reserve for all their work and efforts to protect the flora and fauna.