Holidays: the perfect time to reconnect with nature. There is no better place to disconnect and recharge your batteries than in the Jura, in the Pays de Gex and its Monts Jura resort. Here are some ideas for having a “slow motion” vacation.

Take your time and enjoy the beauty of nature

Have you ever taken a forest bath? Take a sensory and meditative walk with Sylvie during the summer. In Japan and Canada, sylvotherapy has been medically recognized as beneficial for physical and mental health. Become one with nature.

The barefoot trail, open to all and suitable for families, may seem strange at first, but the sensations it provides are incredible! Your feet get a real massage as you walk on trunks, stones, and other soft surfaces.

 Be sure to bring a small towel to clean your feet after the walk.

 Hiking can also help you reconnect with nature. Whether you hike long distances to reach 1700 m peaks or choose a more accessible path, be sure to admire the fauna and flora around you. At the Creux de l’Envers, for instance, your senses will be piqued by the smell of the undergrowth, the soothing trickle of the river, and the waterfall before you are able to admire the panorama of the Jura. It is not uncommon to hear birds chirping in the branches. Embrace the world around you by opening your eyes and ears.

 There is a sense of peace and tranquility in the Marais de l’Etournel, a protected natural area. Take a stroll along the ponds and watch the life in the water (there are a lot of fish and insects). With the Jura behind you, you can also watch birds without disturbing them from a wooden observatory.

A night under the stars

 In the mountains and nature, there is nothing better than pitching your tent to sleep. You may also want to check out the eco-camping Le Valserine*** in Chézery-Forens (bookings are recommended) or the domain des Géorennes* in Champfromier, which also has some special accommodations (for the tent, no reservation is required, first come, first served. Bookings are required for the special accommodations). 

We talk a lot about nature on earth, but there also is sky, and summer is often associated with starry nights. Take out a blanket, relax far from the cities, and wait for the famous shooting stars to pass. With the help of several enthusiastic volunteers, the Pays de Gex Astronomy Club will take its telescope to Fort l’Ecluse on August to offer you a very informative animation. It is also disconnection that keeps the head in the stars!