Since January 1, 2018, Pays de Gex Agglo has been collecting, all year round, the actual guest tax from accommodation providers (hotel establishments, bed and breakfasts, collective inns, bed and breakfasts, furnished accommodation, campsites, vacation villages, tourist residences).

The entirety of the guest tax is transferred to the Pays de Gex Tourist Office, which dedicates it to the development of tourism, the development of tourist visitation and the promotion of the destination.

An additional tax of 10% to the guest tax has been instituted by deliberation by the departmental council of the Ain. This additional tax is established and collected according to the same methods as the tourist tax to which it is added.

As an accommodation provider, you are required to collect the proceeds of the guest tax in accordance with the provisions of the deliberation.

The Pays de Gex Intercommunal Tourist Office is at your disposal to inform and assist you in the collection, declaration and payment of the guest.

To access the information, declaration and payment platform of the tourist tax, go to the website:

For any questions, contact Anne Legrand, guest tax advisor, by email or by phone 04 85 29 00 91.