Discovering a new destination… it’s always a great experience to get away from it all, and we enjoy planning it, or on the other hand, we like to come along spontaneously! In the Pays de Gex, with the Mont Blanc panorama in the background, we tell you about the great reasons to come and visit us.

Our territory is naturally composed of a valley part, commonly called “Pays de Gex plains” and a mountain part, on the Jura crests, where the “Monts Jura resort” is located. Rich in these two landscapes, the sources of attraction are numerous!

Some say that the Monts Jura offer one of the most beautiful panoramas in Europe! A bit presumptuous for you? I suggest you see for yourself by watching this video on our peaks. You can then take your own selfies once you are there.

By the way, did you know that the Jura highest summit is located here in the Pays de Gex? But how high can hikers climb? Yet another good reason to come and stay with us to discover it.
When you are on your way to visit the Monts Jura resort, you will cross the Col de la Faucille. Does the name ring a bell? It’s not surprising since it has been a stopover or finish point for many sports competitions!

Today, a more modern version makes it the most fun leisure spot in the whole region!

Whether it’s hiking, sledding on rails or a breathtaking zip line, this is THE place to be for a successful holiday with family and friends.
Let’s go back down to the valley and discover the 3-in-1 formula of Fort l’Écluse! A rare and must-see attraction, this military fort built into the mountainside offers you historical treasures, extreme sports and family adventures! Now that’s a good reason to come!

Col de la Faucille

Come to Ferney-Voltaire and experience life in a castle! Dreaming of it? Voltaire did it! He even stayed there for 20 years, creating the town that bears his name and becoming its benefactor. Immerse yourself in the magic of this sublime residence and stroll through the gardens with Mont Blanc watching over you in the background.
Now close your eyes and imagine yourself immersed in warm water and enveloped in steam. This bubble of well-being exists and it is in the famous spa of Divonne-les-Bains that you will be able to savour this treat.
Take a stroll on a Sunday morning through its renowned market, or take a trip around its lake, which will give you plenty of reasons to snap a photo and add it to our Instagram wall!
If you want to win the next Trivial Pursuit® science wedge, there’s only one solution: visit the world’s largest particle physics laboratory…CERN! Located in Meyrin, just across the French-Swiss border, the nuclear research centre regularly opens its doors for guided tours.

Once you have explored the valley, its history and culture, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the first snowflakes… and beam yourself up to the Monts Jura ski resort. Only 20 minutes from Geneva airport, this family resort offers you various areas to indulge in the joys of skiing.
Not a fan of skiing? Don’t worry, this white paradise will have something for you thanks to the numerous activities offered on the numerous sites, or simply by admiring the incredible views of the forests and snowy summits.
Besides, from the top of the summits it is not only France that you see! Benefit from being close to the Swiss border to check if the chocolate is the best in the world and if the Geneva water jet is really 140 m high! You will also find all the activities to do around the Pays de Gex in the article we have prepared for you.

With all these great reasons, you are ready to go but you are wondering how to get to Pays de Gex?
You might be surprised how easy it is, because apart from Geneva airport, which borders the Pays de Gex (there is even an exit from the airport directly into France and the Pays de Gex and gives you quick access to the Monts Jura resort, other transport options are numerous and simple. See for yourself.

Are you convinced? If there are still some hesitant people, that is because we have not mentioned the icing on the cake! The Pays de Gex is beautiful…but it is also tasty! A fondue in winter, that is obvious, but also discover the treasures of the local gastronomy in an article that will make your mouth water.